COVID-19 Rules and Restricitons

Fastpitch Nation Park COVID-19 Rules and Restrictions

Please respect the ZERO tolerance policy. To helps us help you stay safe, please obey all commands from FPN park staff. Spectators who refuse to obey commands from staff will be ejected from the park.


  • NO MASK, NO ENTRY to the building for bathrooms or retail.
  • Masks are required at the concession stands.
  • Masks are required anywhere you cannot maintain a 6-foot social distance.
  • Masks are NOT required of players, coaches or umpires on the field.


  • Spectators are allowed to our normal legal limit. Parents, relatives siblings and friends are allowed to attend.
  • Spectators must provide their own seating. All the bleachers, benches (other than dugouts), etc. will be stowed away for the season.
  • Masks are required anywhere you cannot maintain a 6-foot social distance.

On the Field

  • Umpires and  the UIC will manage both the game and the social distance and safety rules on the field. However, we need the coaches to be an equally important part of the safety team.
  • Teams are required to completely clean out the dugouts and leave nothing behind that others must touch to clean or discard.
  • There will be no shaking of hands, high fives, fist bumps or even elbow bumps. At the game’s conclusion teams will just exit the field.
  • There will be no players at the homeplate meeting prior to the game and social distance will be maintained by the two managers and umpire.
  • Mound visits will be limited to the pitcher, catcher and manager at a proper social distances.
  • No team huddles, pre or post game meetings will be permitted.
  • No seeds, gum or any food that encourages spitting will be permitted.
  • No sharing of equipment will be permitted.
  • No communal water coolers or team meals.
  • No huddles, or pre or post game team meetings.
  • We will limit the number of players in the dugout at any one time. For players on defense usually the whole team is on the field with one or two players and the coaches on the bench. Coaches and umpires will keep watch to maintain strict social distancing. No more than 5 people maintaining 6’ social distances are allowed in the dugout at one time.  For the team on offense the 4 players in the batting order due up that inning and 1 coach will be in the dugout. The other 2 coaches will be at the 1st and 3rd base coaching positions. The remaining players will be outside the dugout. Players will need to bring chairs if they want to have seating in this area and teams can place pop-up tents to cover the players seated in the uncovered dugout area. Teams may use canopies over the extended dugout space.
  • Each team will be required to have one parent or a coach delegated to monitor the players outside the dugout for social distancing and to monitor and maintain the flow into and out of the dugout.