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PlayFPN Rankings

The Play FPN Ranking System is based on a point system that takes into account the following:

  • A team’s winning percentage.
  • Strength of competition.
  • A team’s tournament game wins in both pool and bracket play.
  • Bracket difficulty.
  • Event stature.

Teams want to compare themselves to their peers in the same class.

  • A team’s ranking becomes available when it has played one PlayFPN Event in a season (9/1 to 8/31).
  • Overall rankings are only by division (age) combined with class/strength (all 12UA teams, all 12UB teams, etc.) across the current season. Games from prior seasons are not factored into rankings for the current season.
  • Ranking can be filtered by state or across all PlayFPN events, wherever they are played.
  • There are no rankings for just division (age). For example, comparing a 12UA and a 12UC team would be meaningless.
  • Games played between teams of different classes are not factored into the rankings but are just displayed in a team’s overall record and winning percentage.
  • A team will have an overall record and overall winning percentage, but not an overall (cross-class) ranking, just an in-class ranking.

Using the Ranking System

  • Click onto the first Tab called Team Rankings.
  • Insert, minimally, a season, division and class and click Search.
  • You can also further filter your search by state.

How PlayFPN Rankings are Calculated

How Teams Earn Points

  • Winning Percentage Points + Competition Points + Tournament Points are added together.
  • That total is multiplied by the Event Stature Factor.
  • The result is the Total Points earned by a team for an event.

Winning Percentage

  • A team’s winning percentage is calculated using the following formula: number of wins + .5 for each tie / games played.
  • For each event, winning % points will be awarded as 50X the winning % for that event.
  • For example, a team has a winning % of .500 in an event. That is multiplied by 50 (.500 * 50) and the team earns 25 Winning % points.

Strength of Competition

  • For each event competition points will be awarded ONLY when both teams are of the same division and class.
  • Competition points are gained if a team beats a team with a winning record.
  • Similarly, competition points are lost if a team loses to a team with a losing record.
  • A team’s total competition points cannot go negative.
  • Competition points are calculated based on the opposing team’s winning percentage coming into the tournament.
  • For example, a 14UB plays a 14UA team. In this case, competition points cannot be earned or lost.
  • For example, a 16UB plays another 16UB team. In this case, competition points can be earned or lost.
Opponent Win % Points Gained Points Lost
.750 - 1.00 10 0
.500 - .750 5 0
.250 - .499 0 5
.000 - .249 0 10

Tournament Game Wins, Bracket Difficulty & Event Stature

  • A team gains points for wins in both pool and bracket play. The more rounds to the bracket, the more valuable each win is, as a larger bracket is more difficult to win than a smaller one. Points are awarded as per the following:
    • Pool Play - each pool win is 10 points and pool ties are 5 points.
    • Bracket Play – Each win is 25 points. A Semi-final win is 50 points and winning the Finals is 100 points.
    • In double elimination, since there are no traditional semi-finalists, no semi-final points are awarded. Also note, an additional 100 points are awarded if the loser bracket winner wins the "if" game.
  • Points earned by all criteria in an event are then multiplied by a factor based on the event stature to determine the team's total points earned for the event.
  • For example, in a Regional Championship event, a team earns 25 winning % points, 25 competition points and 150 tournament points for a total of 200 points. This is then multiplied by the event stature factor (in this case 2X) for a grand total of 400 points earned in the event - (25 + 25 + 150) * 2 = 400.
Event Stature Multiply Points by:
Nationals 3X
Showcases, Elite & Double Elimination Events 2X
State & Regional Championships 2X
Tournament Dir. Designated Double Points Event 2X
Regular Event 1X