Refund and Weather Policies

When a team withdraws prior to a tournament:

Teams should plan for the unexpected and understand that the scheduling process starts weeks and sometimes months before an event is scheduled to take place and often times events are full for months.
  • A full refund shall be given if a team withdraws before 60 days prior to the tournament.
  • No refund shall be given if a team withdraws within 60 days of an event unless a paid replacement team is found.

Refunds, cancellations or shortening of a tournament.

While we will make every attempt to play each event, weather may prevent an event from being completed or in some cases, even starting. In those cases:

  • If at least 2 games are started no refund is provided.
  • If at least 1 game is started a 50% refund is given.
  • If no games are started a 65% refund is given.
  • If governmental agencies shutdown our ability to play due to COVID, credits for future play or refunds will be extended at our discretion.
  • In the case where teams are due a refund but are registered and unpaid for future events that refund shall be applied to the balance due on those future events.
  • We reserve the right to adjust this policy at any time to accommodate unusual circumstances.

Heat Index Policy

The following heat index policy guidelines have been established for Fastpitch Nation Park to ensure the safety and welfare of all players, coaches, and umpires involved with the sport of fastpitch softball.

Heat Index Actions (These are just general guidelines and the tournament director can alter as conditions warrant). 

  • 80° - 89°: Use caution; Monitor athletes carefully for necessary action.
  • 90° - 99°: Use extreme caution; Games could be shortened. Ensure water breaks are allowed as needed; Ensure that all individuals drink fluids and that uniforms are modified to ensure the coolest level available.
  • 100° - 109°: Games will be shortened in duration. Alter uniforms where feasible;
  • 110° & Above: All activities will be suspended until the heat index is below 110°.
  • NOAA heat Index Calculator