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PlayFPN Registration Instructions

What's Required for Teams to Play.

  1. PlayFPN Roster.
  2. Team insurance naming Fastpitch Nation Inc. as an additional insured uploaded to the PlayFPN site.
FPN Indoor Leagues
  1. PlayFPN Roster.
  2. Insurance for the league is included with the entry fee. No outside insurance is required.


  • To enter events, you will need to create an account. This process is easy and FREE.
  • The system will prompt you to login or create an account when you try to enter an event.
  • If you already have a previous account on the Fastpitch Nation website, that account is still active and you can use that. All teams that were previously created in the system prior to Nov. 5, 2020, have been archived and you will need to make brand new teams. Even if you made teams for this past Fall 2020 season, you will still need to make new teams in the new system to enter events.
  • There is no limit to the number teams you can make and there is NO COST for making a team or an account.
  • Head Coaches can have their own account to manage their own team.
  • If your account is the Administrative Account for the teams in your organization, this is permitted, but DO NOT set yourself up as the Head Coach of each team. Use the actual Head Coach info when you create each team. Not following this process will cause issues with communication, waivers and rosters. You will still have total control over the team account. You can pay for all teams with Administrative Account if the teams are set up under this account, but note, you will also now have responsibility for the rosters of every team unless you share your login with your coaches.


  • When you enter the Team Dashboard, click the Add New Team button to start the team creation process.
  • You will be presented a form to name your team and insert specific team information and all the contact information for the Head Coach.
  • You will need to select an Age Division (ex: 12U) and a Class/Strength designation (ex: B). This designation helps us understand the relative strength of your team, which assists us in creating the best tournament divisions and pool play match-ups. Use the "?" icon to read about age division rules and team strength classifications.
  • Once you select a team name, age division and class/strength and save your team, you will NOT be able to change those fields yourself. You will need to contact us to make that change.
  • The system will ask you if the person creating the team is the Head Coach or simply the Account Administrator.
    • If the Head Coach is creating the team, the system will require you to complete the waiver to create the team.
    • If the Account Administrator is creating the team, the waiver is not required to create the team.
    • The waiver for the Head Coach can be done later in the roster process.


  • All players and coaches must appear on the roster.
  • Only the player's parent or legal guardian (not the coach) may add a player to the roster and accept and electronically sign the waiver.
  • The Head Coach and all assistant coaches must complete and electronically sign the waiver.
  • The Head Coach (if they are the Account Administrator) can edit the roster data and remove players and coaches from the roster.
  • If the Head Coach is NOT the Account Administrator, then only the Account Administrator can edit the roster and remove players and coaches.
  • Detailed roster and waiver instructions are available on the Team Dashboard.
    • Select the team.
    • Click the Actions menu and select Create/View/Edit Roster.
    • See the Roster Instructions tab for details.


  • You must provide a team insurance certificate with Fastpitch Nation Inc. listed as an additional insured as below. 
    • Fastpitch Nation Inc., PO Box 1176, Simsbury, CT 06070
  • To upload your INSURANCE CERTIFICATE click the UPLOAD INSURANCE CERTIFICATE menu item in the Actions menu in the Team Dashboard.
  • Type in the expiration date of your policy prior to upload.
  • The certificate must be in PDF format.


  • Once you are logged in and create your team, you can enter events. You will have the choice to Enter Pay Now or Enter Pay Later for Fastpitch Nation events.
  • If you choose to Enter Pay Now, you will be directed to your cart to checkout and pay. You can enter multiple events and then checkout all at once. We no longer accept paper checks for FPN events. You can use your credit or debit card to checkout.
  • If you choose to Enter Pay Later, you will still be entered into the event and you can come back to your team dashboard later at any time to pay.


  • Once you are logged in and created your team, you can enter events. For events from non-FPN tournament hosts played at other venues, (we call them "Friends of FPN" events), you will just choose to just Enter and you will be entered into the event. Then you will pay those hosts through the means they specify.
  • You will not pay for the "Friends of FPN" events through the PlayFPN website. For these events the PlayFPN website will be used only to register teams, enter events, manage rosters and see schedules, brackets and results. Each "Friends of FPN" event has detailed information on how to pay these tournament hosts.


  • From the event listings page or the event page itself click the SCHEDULE button. 
  • This action takes you to the schedule home page. From there, click the various tabs for:
    • Schedules by division as each division has its own schedule tab.
    • Rules and info tab.
    • Venus tab.
  • Each division tab allows to you see a variety of information.
    • Pool and Bracket Schedules
    • Filter Pool Schedules by team.
    • Final Results after the event has concluded.
  • Clicking on a team in the schedule take the user to the team's detail page where teams can research other teams.
    • See the team's overall stats and rank.
    • See the team's roster.
    • See the team's completed events and completed games.