CT Tigers 12U

West Hartford, CT
Division: 12U Class/Strength: B
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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
5thFastpitch Nation Indoor Spring Classic 12U.2501-3-033-8.2518-4.5023
12thBunny Hop (1-Day Tournament).0000-3-031-10.337-2.330
11thQueens of Diamonds.4002-3-030-6.0022-4.4043
5thBob Williams' Memorial Tournament for Leukemia.4002-3-043-8.6022-4.4060
5thPlayFPN Northeast States Championship.6003-2-022-4.4026-5.20120
9thCT Titans' Mike Arburr Memoria.5002-2-031-7.7519-4.7545

Completed Games

Event: Fastpitch Nation Indoor Spring Classic 12U
Date: 3/26/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
0CT Tigers 12U12UBCT231-3-0
19Montgomery Devils 12u Red12UBNY1003-2-0
9CT Tigers 12U12UBCT231-3-0
0SGF Lady Bulldogs Shock12UCNY451-3-1
4CT Tigers 12U12UBCT231-3-0
5EG Xpress Black12UBNY452-2-0
5CT Tigers 12U12UBCT231-3-0
9SGF Lady Bulldogs Shock12UCNY451-3-1
Event: Bunny Hop (1-Day Tournament)
Date: 4/16/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
4CT Tigers 12U12UBCT230-3-0
10Rhode Island Storm - 1012UCRI401-1-1
0CT Tigers 12U12UBCT230-3-0
10Softball U CT12UBCT271-2-0
3CT Tigers 12U12UBCT230-3-0
11TC Futures 12U South12UBNY261-3-0
Event: Queens of Diamonds
Date: 4/23/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
1CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
5Western Mass Heat 12U Red12UBMA954-1-0
5CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
9Ridgefield Tigers 12u12UCCT452-2-0
4CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
2CT Lightning 10's12UBCT452-2-0
12CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
4Xtreme Chaos 12U12UBCT00-4-0
0CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
10CT Jags 12U12UBCT1314-2-0
Event: Bob Williams' Memorial Tournament for Leukemia
Date: 5/7/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
3CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
12CT Seahawks 12u Black12UBCT1004-1-0
6CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
1Shoreline Sting 11U12UBCT231-3-0
0CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
16CT Lightning '0912UBCT2656-0-0
8CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
3CT Jags 12U12UBCT231-3-0
5CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-3-0
11CT Seahawks 12u Black12UBCT1004-1-0
Event: PlayFPN Northeast States Championship
Date: 5/21/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
9CT Tigers 12U12UBCT233-2-0
4Northeast Stars - Black12UBMA00-4-0
6CT Tigers 12U12UBCT233-2-0
2Wallingford Cardinals 12u - (Brunelle)12UBCT00-4-0
0CT Tigers 12U12UBCT233-2-0
12Stealth 12U12UBCT1203-2-0
8CT Tigers 12U12UBCT233-2-0
0CT Impact Bradley12UBCT331-3-0
3CT Tigers 12U12UBCT233-2-0
4CT Barracudas 12U Green12UBCT4806-0-0
Event: CT Titans' Mike Arburr Memoria
Date: 6/4/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
7CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-2-0
4Wallingford Cardinals 12u - (Brunelle)12UBCT00-4-0
0CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-2-0
16CT Bombers Teal 12U12UBCT1084-2-0
10CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-2-0
5Berlin Bulldogs 12U12UCCT753-2-0
2CT Tigers 12U12UBCT232-2-0
6CT Fury 0912UBCT1084-2-0