East Coast Scorpions

Warwick, RI
Division: 14U Class/Strength: E
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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
2ndTunnel to Towers Charity Tournament.8335-1-021-3.5066-11.00147
5thSmashing Pumpkins.5002-2-015-3.7527-6.7545
3rdFastpitch Nation Indoor Spring Classic 14U.5002-2-014-3.5022-5.5045
1stMay Magic1.005-0-02-.4053-10.60230
3rdCT River Rumble.6003-2-020-4.0038-7.6075
1stPlayFPN Memorial Day Challenge.8576-1-019-2.7165-9.29433
5thPlayFPN Northeast States Championship.6003-2-028-5.6035-7.00120

Completed Games

Event: Tunnel to Towers Charity Tournament
Date: 9/11/2021DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
17East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-1-0
2TC Futures South 08'14UBNY00-4-0
13East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-1-0
0Fury Platinum 14u - Pallotta14UARI231-3-0
12East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-1-0
0Brewster Bombshells14UBNY00-4-0
11East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-1-0
1Brewster Bombshells14UBNY00-4-0
9East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-1-0
8CT Lightning 0714UACT954-1-0
4East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-1-0
10Lady Dukes NY - Castellani 14U14UANY2556-0-0
Event: Smashing Pumpkins
Date: 10/9/2021DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
6East Coast Scorpions14UERI1472-2-0
3Valley Fusion 14U14UBCT1034-2-0
3East Coast Scorpions14UERI1472-2-0
4Finch's Aces 14U Black14UANJ2556-0-0
14East Coast Scorpions14UERI1472-2-0
0Chiefs Fastpitch Brown14UBNY552-3-0
4East Coast Scorpions14UERI1472-2-0
8Team Long Island - Alvino14UANY1034-2-0
Event: Fastpitch Nation Indoor Spring Classic 14U
Date: 3/19/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
8East Coast Scorpions14UERI1472-2-0
1Valley Fusion 14U14UBCT2284-2-0
9East Coast Scorpions14UERI1472-2-0
2Rage 14U Watne14UAMA452-2-0
1East Coast Scorpions14UERI1472-2-0
4Plex 14U Red14UANH231-3-0
4East Coast Scorpions14UERI1472-2-0
7CT Barracudas 14U Blue14UBCT1103-3-0
Event: May Magic
Date: 4/30/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
11East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-0-0
0Raiders 14U Blue14UBMA351-4-0
14East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-0-0
2CT. Thunder 14U14UBCT201-4-0
4East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-0-0
0CT Diamond Club 13u Black13UACT802-3-0
12East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-0-0
0Raiders 14U Blue14UBMA351-4-0
12East Coast Scorpions14UERI1475-0-0
0CT Diamond Club 13u Black13UACT802-3-0
Event: CT River Rumble
Date: 5/14/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
3East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
5CT Lightning 0813UACT2556-0-0
6East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
2Granite State Elite 14UGray14UANH00-4-0
15East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
2SNH Huskies 14U14UANH00-4-0
6East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
2BVSA Lady Titans 14U Beezer14UBCT452-2-0
8East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
9CT Diamond Club 13u Black13UACT1586-1-0
Event: PlayFPN Memorial Day Challenge
Date: 5/28/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
20East Coast Scorpions14UERI1476-1-0
0Mass Invaders14UBMA902-3-0
11East Coast Scorpions14UERI1476-1-0
3TC Futures South 08'14UBNY1193-4-0
14East Coast Scorpions14UERI1476-1-0
0Guilderland Respect14UBNY1474-3-0
14East Coast Scorpions14UERI1476-1-0
5Fury Platinum 14u - Pallotta14UARI1774-3-0
4East Coast Scorpions14UERI1476-1-0
3CT Seahawks 14U Elite - Thunder Gold14UACT2026-2-0
0East Coast Scorpions14UERI1476-1-0
7CT Seahawks 14U Elite - Thunder Gold14UACT2026-2-0
2East Coast Scorpions14UERI1476-1-0
1CT Seahawks 14U Elite - Thunder Gold14UACT2026-2-0
Event: PlayFPN Northeast States Championship
Date: 6/18/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
14East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
3CT Diamond Club 16U Blue16UACT491-2-1
13East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
3Lightning 16U16UBCT601-4-0
1East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
8Fury Platinum 16U - Roumelis16UARI1794-3-0
7East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
6Stealth 16U16UBCT752-2-0
0East Coast Scorpions14UERI1473-2-0
8Voodoo 16u Merriman16UAMA2036-1-0