Rapids 18U White

Southington, CT
Division: 18U Class/Strength: B
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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
9thTunnel to Towers Charity Tournament.0000-4-043-10.758-2.000

Completed Games

Event: Tunnel to Towers Charity Tournament
Date: 9/11/2021DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
3Rapids 18U White18UBCT00-4-0
10Long Island Surge Futures16UBNY753-2-0
0Rapids 18U White18UBCT00-4-0
9CD Crossfire Gray 18U18UANY452-2-0
1Rapids 18U White18UBCT00-4-0
17Rip City18UBMA853-3-0
4Rapids 18U White18UBCT00-4-0
7Rip City18UBMA853-3-0
Event: OktoberFAST
Date: 10/2/2021DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
0Rapids 18U White18UBCT00-3-1
8NWS Elite 18U (Hough)18UBMA1475-1-0
7Rapids 18U White18UBCT00-3-1
13Sparta Cyclones 18u Manning18UBNJ753-2-0
3Rapids 18U White18UBCT00-3-1
3Ct Bullets 18U18UBCT230-2-2
1Rapids 18U White18UBCT00-3-1
12NWS Elite 18U (Hough)18UBMA1475-1-0