Ct Pride Waterford

Division: 14U Class/Strength: B
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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
3rdQueens of Diamonds.3332-4-035-5.8322-3.6767
1stMay Magic1.005-0-017-3.4085-17.00230
5thBob Williams' Memorial Tournament for Leukemia.5002-2-026-6.5027-6.7545
3rdCT River Rumble.8004-1-024-4.8039-7.8095
17thCT Titans' Mike Arburr Memoria.3001-3-128-5.6029-5.8033

Completed Games

Event: Queens of Diamonds
Date: 4/23/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
1Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-4-0
7CT Jags 14U14UBCT452-2-0
2Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-4-0
5Beacon Xtreme Sanchez14UBNY552-3-0
1Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-4-0
5CT Storm Tigers13UBCT683-1-0
11Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-4-0
1BVSA Lady Titans 14U Beezer14UBCT00-4-0
5Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-4-0
3CT Storm Tigers13UBCT683-1-0
2Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-4-0
14CT Lightning 0813UACT2375-1-0
Event: May Magic
Date: 4/30/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
19Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT675-0-0
2Long Island Rage 14U Gray14UCNY1003-2-0
23Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT675-0-0
5Stealth Black14UCCT231-3-0
15Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT675-0-0
0MWS Eclipse Black14UCMA00-4-0
13Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT675-0-0
1MWS Eclipse Black14UCMA00-4-0
15Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT675-0-0
9Long Island Rage 14U Gray14UCNY1003-2-0
Event: Bob Williams' Memorial Tournament for Leukemia
Date: 5/7/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
10Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-2-0
3Shoreline Breakers14UCCT231-3-0
1Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-2-0
7Wolcott Eagles '0814UBCT753-2-0
8Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-2-0
6Northeast Hurricanes 14U Mackenzie14UBNH00-4-0
8Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT672-2-0
10Shoreline Sting 14U Blue14UBCT552-3-0
Event: CT River Rumble
Date: 5/14/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
6Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT674-1-0
3CT Eliminators 13u Keltos13UBCT552-3-0
3Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT674-1-0
2Northeast Hurricanes 12U McDonald12UANH552-3-0
5Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT674-1-0
0Westland Hills Wild14UCNY00-4-0
17Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT674-1-0
7CT Eliminators 13u Keltos13UBCT552-3-0
8Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT674-1-0
12CT Lightning 0813UACT2556-0-0
Event: CT Titans' Mike Arburr Memoria
Date: 6/4/2022DivisionClassStatePointsRecord
4Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT671-3-1
7DiamondZone 13U14UBCT482-3-0
4Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT671-3-1
4CT Titans 14U Blue14UBCT2615-0-1
1Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT671-3-1
9East Coast Scorpions-DeMarco14UBMA733-1-0
15Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT671-3-1
2CT Lady Knights14UBCT231-3-0
5Ct Pride Waterford14UBCT671-3-1
6Cheshire Flames 13U Gray13UBCT532-2-1