Ne stars 16u

Wilmington , MA
Division: 16U Class/Strength: B
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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
3FPN Holiday Classic I (1-Day Tournament).2501-3-022-5.511-2.7525

Completed Games

Event: FPN Holiday Classic I (1-Day Tournament)
Date: 12/29/23DivisionClassState
2NE Fury Platinum_Morgan16UARI
0Ne stars 16u16UBMA
3CT Mirage 16U16UBCT
6Ne stars 16u16UBMA
6Run and Gun Lady Nightmares 16u Black16UBCT
5Ne stars 16u16UBMA
11Run and Gun Lady Nightmares 16u Black16UBCT
0Ne stars 16u16UBMA