Shoreline Sting 10U

Guilford, CT
Division: 10U Class/Strength: B
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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
1Halloween Spooktacular I1.0005-0-018-3.654-10.8200
2Shoreline Stinger XVI.5003-3-034-5.6721-3.585
2Queens of Diamonds1.0003-0-010-3.3334-11.3350
224th Annual Rose City Rumble.8004-1-018-3.626-5.2100

Completed Games

Event: Halloween Spooktacular I
Date: 10/15/22DivisionClassState
0CT Diamond Club 10U10UBCT
15Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
5CT Lightning 10U10UBCT
7Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
10Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
4CT Lightning 10U10UBCT
10Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
4SD Riptide10UCRI
12Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
5CT Diamond Club 10U10UBCT
Event: Shoreline Stinger XVI
Date: 7/29/23DivisionClassState
0Rapids 12U12UCCT
8Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
0Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
12CT Lightning 10U10UBCT
3CT Bombers Black 12U12UBCT
4Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
5Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
2CT Cannon Bombshells12UCCT
8CT Cannon Bombshells12UCCT
1Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
9CT Lightning 10U10UBCT
3Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
Event: Queens of Diamonds
Date: 4/22/23DivisionClassState
1Rip City USA Watson10UANH
9Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
3CT Lightning 10U10UBCT
7Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
6CT Diamond Club 10U10UBCT
18Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
Event: 24th Annual Rose City Rumble
Date: 5/19/23DivisionClassState
2Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
1CT Bulldogs10UCCT
3CT Bombers 10U10UBCT
6Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
3Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
0KP Pride 10U10UBMA
3Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
12CT Bulldogs10UCCT
12Shoreline Sting 10U10UBCT
2CT Lightning 10U10UBCT