Voodoo 14U Rosecan

Acton, MA
Division: 14U Class/Strength: A
Overall Points


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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
3It’s Fall Ball Y’All.8004-1-021-4.233-6.645
3Queens of Diamonds.8332-0-18-2.6724-815

Completed Games

Event: It’s Fall Ball Y’All
Date: 9/24/22DivisionClassState
1RI Storm14UBRI
7Voodoo 14U Rosecan14UAMA
3Voodoo 14U Rosecan14UAMA
1Fury Platinum- Morgan14UARI
15Voodoo 14U Rosecan14UAMA
4CT Charge 14u GOLD14UBCT
5Voodoo 14U Rosecan14UAMA
3Fury Platinum- Morgan14UARI
3Voodoo 14U Rosecan14UAMA
12Capital District Fusion - Tony14UANY
Event: Queens of Diamonds
Date: 4/22/23DivisionClassState
2Empire State Huskies 14U Exarchakis14UBNY
2Voodoo 14U Rosecan14UAMA
3Run & gun lady nightmares 14u14UBCT
7Voodoo 14U Rosecan14UAMA
15Voodoo 14U Rosecan14UAMA
3Bombers Elite 14U Select14UARI