CT Lightning 10’s

Southington, CT
Division: 12U Class/Strength: B
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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
1Tunnel to Towers Charity Tournament1.0003-0-04-1.3325-8.3330
2Bob Williams’ Memorial for Leukemia.8335-1-016-2.6755-9.17110

Completed Games

Event: Tunnel to Towers Charity Tournament
Date: 10/1/22DivisionClassState
2Team Nitro LI 201012UBNY
7CT Lightning 10’s12UBCT
0CT Seahawks Thunder Gold 12U-Ely12UBCT
10CT Lightning 10’s12UBCT
2CT Diamond Club 11U12UBCT
8CT Lightning 10’s12UBCT
Event: Bob Williams’ Memorial for Leukemia
Date: 5/13/23DivisionClassState
0CT Eliminators 12u12UBCT
12CT Lightning 10’s12UBCT
9CT Lightning 10’s12UBCT
1RI Fire n’ Ice 12U12UBRI
10CT Lightning 10’s12UBCT
1Mirage 12U - Mihalek12UBCT
10CT Lightning 10’s12UBCT
9Mass Madness 12U12UBMA
10CT Lightning 10’s12UBCT
0CT Eliminators 12u12UBCT
4CT Lightning 10’s12UBCT
5RI Fire n’ Ice 12U12UBRI