WCT Eagles 18U

Wolcott, CT
Division: 18U Class/Strength: B
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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
23Fastpitch Nation Fall College Showcase.4172-3-136-625-4.1750
2Smashing Pumpkins.6003-2-022-4.434-6.870
2FPN Holiday Classic I (1-Day Tournament).6252-1-14-111-2.7565

Completed Games

Event: Fastpitch Nation Fall College Showcase
Date: 9/16/23DivisionClassState
0WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
13CT Lightning Gold 2025 - Cowen18UACT
3Valley Storm18UBMA
3WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
4Empire State Huskies 18U Faruol18UBNY
1WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
7Rage Metro West 18U18UAMA
8WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
8Rage Smith18UAMA
2WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
11WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
1Manhattan Mayhem18UBCT
Event: Smashing Pumpkins
Date: 10/7/23DivisionClassState
0CT Titans 18U White18UBCT
14WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
4DiamondZone 16U16UACT
7WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
8Run and gun lady nightmares 18u black18UBCT
4WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
9WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
0DiamondZone 16U16UACT
10Run and gun lady nightmares 18u black18UBCT
0WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
Event: FPN Holiday Classic I (1-Day Tournament)
Date: 12/29/23DivisionClassState
0CT Lady Knights Corrado18UBCT
3WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
1CT Bombers White 18U18UBCT
0WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
3WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
5WCT Eagles 18U18UBCT
0RI Rockets18UBRI