Rip City USA

Seabrook, NH
Division: 12U Class/Strength: A
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Completed Events

PlaceEvent NameWin%W-L-TRA/Avg.RS/Avg.Points Earned
2It’s Fall Ball Y’All.8335-1-012-256-9.3375
2Tunnel to Towers Charity Tournament1.0003-0-07-2.3330-100
2Spring Madness.7145-2-022-3.1457-8.14100
5May Magic.6003-2-022-4.427-5.425
3PlayFPN Northeast States Championship.6674-2-014-2.3335-5.8350

Completed Games

Event: It’s Fall Ball Y’All
Date: 9/24/22DivisionClassState
11Rip City USA12UANH
0Classie Lassies Flash12UBNY
12Rip City USA12UANH
0Berkshire Force12UCMA
11Rip City USA12UANH
3TC Futures 12U Select12UBNY
11Rip City USA12UANH
0TC Futures 12U Select12UBNY
6Rip City USA12UANH
3Classie Lassies Aftershock12UBNY
6CT Seahawks Thunder Gold 12u-Lieto12UACT
5Rip City USA12UANH
Event: Tunnel to Towers Charity Tournament
Date: 10/1/22DivisionClassState
7Rip City USA12UANH
2CT Seahawks Thunder Gold 12U-Ely12UBCT
7Rip City USA12UANH
1Team Nitro LI 201012UBNY
16Rip City USA12UANH
4Middletown Monarchs 12U Blue12UBCT
Event: May Magic
Date: 5/6/23DivisionClassState
4CT Eliminators 13u13UBCT
8Rip City USA12UANH
8Rip City USA12UANH
1Rip City USA12UANH
8Run & gun lady nightmares 14u14UBCT
7Rip City USA12UANH
5CT Barracudas 14U Green14UBCT
3Rip City USA12UANH
Event: PlayFPN Northeast States Championship
Date: 5/20/23DivisionClassState
0Hops Fastpitch/ Marcano12UBRI
11Rip City USA12UANH
1Fury Platinum 12U Cipolla12UBRI
2Rip City USA12UANH
0Rip City USA12UANH
6CT Seahawks Thunder Gold 12u-Lieto12UACT
11Rip City USA12UANH
1Hops Fastpitch/ Marcano12UBRI
1Rip City USA12UANH
2CT Seahawks Thunder Gold 12u-Lieto12UACT
4SJ Mystics 12u Wang12UBNJ
10Rip City USA12UANH